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300+ productions and not just numbers! Among them, 15+ have gone viral, each boasting over a million views. A testament to our global reach and knack for standout content

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Forbes Feature

Our innovative approach to filmmaking and digital content creation caught the attention of Forbes. Dive into our features to understand our vision and the impact we aim to create in the digital world. Read our Forbes Feature here.

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Shemaroome Showcase

Shemaroome, a leading OTT platform, showcased our original web shows, highlighting our ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with a diverse audience. Explore our Shemaroome Showcase.

IMDb Case Study

Our presence on IMDb not only stands as a testament to our quality of work but also provides insights into our projects, their ratings, and reviews from a global audience. Watch our Acclaimed Series on IMDb here.

Critically Acclaimed Work

At Paper Weight Entertainment, our storytelling transcends the screen. Delve into our handpicked collection of works that have captivated audiences and won critical acclaim.


'Cinderellas of India' is one of the rare underdog stories in sports history. We all love fairytales. And we love real-life fairytales even more. And what do you get when you mix 20 hard-working Indian women, crowdfunding, public generosity, and ice hockey? A fairytale unlike any other.


"Geniuses of India" – a captivating journey through the brilliant minds that have profoundly shaped India's landscape. This isn't just a series; it's an exploration, a chronicle of extraordinary minds that have left their indelible imprints on our world.

Undefeated: Soldiers of Courage

Paper Weight Entertainment proudly presents an Original Web-Series | UNDEFEATED - Soldiers of Courage | dedicated to the untold stories of the #IndianArmy community.

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